Monday, August 12, 2013

New Amsterdam: Week 4

Hello everyone! This week was a little tough but it ended great. Throughout our week everything was really slow. There was a Muslim holiday called Eid and everything was dead. There's this village where we have done most our missionary work and usually it's filled with tons of people. There is like 9 families that are members in there and we keep finding new less actives there. We found a man the other day named Fenton who joined the church in 2004 but left cause he stopped getting visits after his baptism. He became a Jehovah's witness. We had a great lesson with him and he remembered why he got baptized in the first place. His only concern was if he would be welcome if he came back. I thought that was crazy that not one person went to see what happened to him and he is in a village full of members. Pretty sad...

Yesterday our investigator Amrite gathered a bunch of people to come to church. You can see us crossing the bridge in the picture. We taught the priesthood class on Sunday and had all the kids sign up to come teaching with us this week. These future missionaries here have a great advantage because they get to see exactly how being a missionary is. I never knew what to expect.. The members here are great they are so willing to come out teaching. This old man Bro Frazier rides his bike everywhere with us to visit people and he totally biffed it down a hill. Another man Bro Andrew rides all over town as well and he tells us to come get him any time we need him. 

The funny moment of this week was Bro Andrew giving a talk in church. He is a very shy man, he will hardly talk in lessons and his prayers are very short. When he gave his talk he said "Last time I came up here I was really shaking....But not this time..." After a few seconds he started to shake he was so nervous! haha. 

We should have some baptisms at the end of this month if they can make it to church the next two weeks!

Thanks for all the love and support!


Elder Hale


perfecting my curry/roti making skills 
our secret weapon! 

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  1. Came across your blog and LOVE it. I am the proud mom of that Elder Parisot. Thank you for being a wonderful companion. You really do make it so nice for him and I can't wait to get to meet your family. Thank you for your service Elder Hale.