Monday, September 23, 2013

Memorable Week

Week 4

Well another crazy week.. What's new?? I miss my Trini friends bad I feel like Trinidad is home now that I've been away awhile. I'm sure I will feel the same about here the people are a real hoot(: My heart is gonna be in a lot of places when this mission is done.

So firstly the Aladdin people upstairs are getting tons of people! We saw one of our investigators Mom at our apartment waiting to go in. She promised us to come to church and she still hasn't! She of course claims to be a Christian but like many when it comes down to the wire she puts her trust in the arm of flesh. Talk about Book of Mormon prophecies... We asked her "what are you doing here?" She nervously said " Oh just waiting to meet someone.." Elder Parisot was like "Bummer..." and walked away. haha.

So last week I talked about how we felt the spirit prompt us to stop at this random house..well now there's even more to the story. The man with the hurt knee ended up reading the Book of Mormon up to Omni! And we didn't even teach him. When we came back he started telling us about Nephi getting the brass plates, getting tied up on the ship, finding the liahona, and how the Lamanites are ancestors to the American Indians. He said he has had that question his whole life. The best part was he was talking about his hypocrital born again christian neighbor and he called her a fat Lamanite. haha.

So after that visit we were totally stoked but the only problem was he is supposed to leave back to Georgetown to his work on the 30th. Saturday rolled around and he called us to tell us "It's a historic day!" "Today is the day Brother Smith found the plates!" We looked it up sure enough he was right. haha. He told us he was coming to church on Sunday but when it rolled around he wasn't there which was shocking. So we went and visited him and what happened is his knee cap had slipped out again and in addition to that he twisted his ankle. He is a bit of an older guy so he couldn't move. We had another great lesson where we didn't say a word he just taught our less active member Bro Frazer about the Book of Mormon. I think his knee slipping out was a blessing in disguise because now he says he most likely won't go back to work and he said he wants to be baptized.

So Kassie and Karissa were scheduled to be baptized this Saturday. Here comes a story... They passed their interview and we saw them Friday night and all was well. Saturday day morning we get up at 5:30 to start filling the font. There's no plug for the drain so we had to go buy a pipe with a valve thing on it to fill the font. That took a good while then we tried to make a baptismal program and the printer was out of paper... We went to have lunch at our apartment and when we went back to the church the water had turned off and it was only about a foot and a half deep in the font. We didn't know what to do but we went to Kassie and Karissa's house to make sure they were all ready and they were not home. We went back to the church and still the water wasn't on. We said a prayer and we felt like we should call Kassie. Elder Parisot finally got a hold of her and all I could hear was bad news. Apparently she said she wasn't ready and didn't feel good. Karissa was just kind of following suit. We rode over to their house and I was really nervous cause Satan always does this before people get baptized. Anyways I was praying like crazy and we talked to Karissa and her heart was softened. She promised us she would be there. So we rode back to the church and what do you think happened? Well duh the water was miraculously back on! Karissa showed up and by the time it was time for her to be baptized the font was filled just right. When she came up out of the water it was a split second before she said "I feel really good!" She had the biggest smile on and the baptismal service was great.

We found out later that Kassie probably isn't ready right now and we are gonna keep working with her. Karissa got the gift of the Holy Ghost on Sunday and she said it felt like a breeze came on her and she felt great. That's how you know someone was ready to be baptized and confirmed when they really felt the power in the ordinances. You could just feel the spirit around Karissa after her baptism there was such a difference.

Well the funniest part of this week was Bro Frazer. We talked to him at his house for a long and he was just making us die laughing with his old man talk. But right as we were leaving I saw a long water trail down his pants and then I saw a huge wet spot you know where! Elder Parisot and I rode our bikes down the street and just died laughing. It's sad yes.. but it's more funny(:

Well that was my week hope yours was good too(:


Elder Hale

Anaconda guitar strap!

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