Monday, September 9, 2013

Less-Active Hunting

Week 2

Welp another week down! Just another week of hard work and finding new peeps! We do a good job at finding through the members. We taught a lot of people's friends and we go less active hunting. The members have been real good about coming out with us. The strongest part of this branch is the women. I wish they could hold the priesthood cause this branch would be in great shape. We are trying to bring back a lot of the priesthood holders before this branch falls apart. It's kind of the same story almost anywhere you go in the west indies. The Branch President is doing everything and there is no men to help. Our most progressing investigators are Kassie and Karissa. They are both in Highschool and they have a baptismal date for Sept 21st. They came to church on Sunday and apparently they were answering all the questions and they had a great time.
On Friday we got really sad news that a 14 year old Boyo Karen in our branch passed away. I guess he had an argument with his Dad and he went and drank poison. It's really shocking cause he was a really good kid. He would help us teach people and he actually got a few people baptized. We went to the Karen's house and it wasn't really nice to see Sister Karen crying her eyes out. They are a bit less active so we hope this might help them get more active.
One thing that has been good in this area is we have reactivated a lot of people. The Darsen family hadn't come to church in a few years and they have come back the last two weeks now. But other then that not much else has happened this week except missionaries keep getting moved out of my zone for disobedience. One went home this week after 19 months of serving): But there's only obedient missionaries left now so were doing good.
Hope you all have a great week!

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