Monday, September 16, 2013

Encouraging Words

Week "Tree"

Hello my Rastafarian friends!!!

This week was quite eventful. I had the opportunity to teach zone meeting. It's different teaching missionaries how to be good missionaries. I'm used to teaching people how to live the gospel. Now the doctrines of missionary work are starting to be instilled in me cause I have the privilege of teaching them. I went on a trade off to another area called Canje on Wednesday. It was nice to see another part of Guyana and meet more members. It was also nice to see that senior couples get to stay home all day and eat ice cream and pumpkin bread!!! I'm all for being a senior missionary one day(: I also got to eat some alligator this week. It was better then iguana. It would make a good burger.

I have been designing a ring for awhile and I got to pick it up from my buddy Kahn on Wednesday. He does a great job. I just used a ctr shield and decided to put the angel Moroni on the inside. Kahn did a boss job!!! It's fun to get stuff like that here cause it's unique and they are always so grateful that you are giving them work.

We had sweet spiritual experience this week. We were searching for this less active on this long road. He had a high lot number and we were probably halfway there when Elder Parisot just randomly stopped and turned around. He had a prompting to stop and we went up to this small wooden house. Without hesitation the lady inside invited us in. We found that her husband had a really bad knee injury and she wanted us to pray for him. We taught her the Restoration and she was super receptive and I definitely felt the spirit in the lesson. And we will be going back to teach her again this week.

We had some new neighbors move in upstairs from us and they are from India. They were putting up flyer all over our apartment for palm reading, astrology, getting rid of black magic, and all other weird things you could think of. My comp was not happy to say the least and we might end up moving cause it was advertised on tv and now people are starting to show up at our apartment for this genie in a bottle crap.

One of the less actives we reactivated Sunita confessed to us she has some stuff she needs to get rid of. She lifted this curtain that covered a shelf full of Hindu pictures and little idol statues. She gave us all of it in a bag and we dumped it in the river! haha.

We went on splits this week and I got to ride around with my favorite old man Brother Frazier (Uncle B). The guy is hilarious cause he comes to church here and there and then he comes and chastises people for not coming it's great.. We went to see an investigator and Bro Frazier totally backed up into his car. It didn't even phase him. haha. Luckily no one saw... We went in and had a good lesson and when we were back in the car he said "Encouraging words..." "Encouraging words" "That's what I love you for.." haha

On Sunday Kassie and Karissa came to church and they are all set for their baptism this Saturday. I'm excited for it(: It's always interesting to me how when these people get close to their baptism and keep the commitments like reading/praying; you can really see a difference in them. At the beginning they were super shy and giggly and maybe even a little disinterested but now they ask really good questions and listen intently.

Also on Sunday I was the victim of a drunk riding accident. . . I was riding my bike down a dirt trail and this guy was on the other side of the road and just turned head on into me. My bike has no brakes..(I'm in Guyana...) so his handlebars ended up smashing my fingers. I just looked up and smelt alcohol and this guy with this sleepy looking smile on his face. He said sorry so I gave him mercy. haha. So that's was about it for this week.

Love you all!



Bro. Frazier

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