Monday, January 7, 2013

Bible Champ

Me and my boy Lall

Hello peeps! This week was good. I enjoyed New Years except for the part where I couldn't sleep from all the explosions going off! Our investigators are slowly progressing but everything is going in the right direction.

We are teaching this very intelligent man named King and he loves us. Mostly because my companion is a bible champ. But he invited us over to a friends house for dinner and it was very nice. There was a man there from Poland who sat in and listened. He seemed like the happiest guy in the world! But we talked about the fall of Adam and Eve the whole time because King has very different views on that particular point. He says he prayed about the Book of Mormon and knows it's true but he still won't except the doctrine that Adam had to fall...

We are having success with Casm and his wife but they couldn't come to church yesterday. I know there problem will be the word of wisdom but we haven't brought it up yet. We are first just building their testimonies and it's going very well.

Our testimony meeting in Penal this week was a grand 30 minutes! Our meetings don't have to last an hour because we are only a group.

Well I miss you guys. I wish I could've been with you for the New Year!

 Love, Elder Hale

Me and my comps at our Christmas brunch
Scenic view!

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