Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Keep a Smile & Keep Workin.

So sorry I am a day late! Yesterday was a muslim holiday and every internet shop was closed.
But this week some misfortunate things happened. First I lost my white handbook with all my travel money in it. Then Elder Whitlock lost some grocery money so we are on a tight budget now. Then we took it a step further and lost our phone. But we just keep a smile on and keep workin(:

So there was a parade thing for Kershorn Walcot the Javelin gold medalist. He drove right by our apartment and we went out and videoed it. He flashed his gold medal at us from ten feet away it was awesome.

As far as missionary work everything went great. We use the Mormon Message videos to invite the spirit in to the investigators homes. My favorite is the one with Henry Eyring called "Choose you this day" He talks about the dangers of saying someday and procrastinating serving the Lord. This video definately helped us get the some people to church. When we extended the invitation to come they all wanted to say "next time" or "someday" but choked on their words when they remembered the video.

One person that came to church was Kerwyn's older sister Debbie. We have tried to teach her before but she never really took anything seriously. But after we played the Mormon Messages she finally came and now wants the discussions. It's great to be able to show people the reality of living apostles and prophets today. They have all expressed that they feel something different when they hear those men speak. Nothing like the men on the t.v. that shout "hallelujah!"

But everything is peachy here in Sangre Grande. I love all the Elders in the apartment and we have tons of fun. Elder Whitlock and I have been cooking a lot. We made some pizza and mac pie the other day and it actually tasted nice! There is so many great qualities to attain here and I am soakin it all in like a sponge! I hope you all have a lovely week!

- Elder Hale

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