Monday, August 13, 2012

High Hopes

So this week a lot happened. I failed to mention one thing last week that was crazy. We went to the hospital to go give this man a blessing and in the front there was this guy that was burnt all over his body. I mean his chest and back had like no skin left. He had on some plastic wrap scotch taped to him and there was some kind of ointment on the burns as well. We asked him what happened and apparently some guys poured gasoline on him and lit him on fire. Then I guess they started beating him with a hammer but some how he got away. And he was leaving the hospital that day! And the people here think it's great they have free healthcare...haha. 

Then another day this week there was this muslim guy walking towards us with a motive. He was carrying his umbrella like a rifle and speed walking. When he approached us we saw he had a flippin rifle under the umbrella! He was clearly hiding it. Anyways it was crazy. 

That night we were at a members house when she got a frantic phone call that her brothers hand had just been chopped off in a dispute by their neighbor. This place amazes me. It definitely keeps things interesting

Right now I am in an upstairs internet cafe looking down at downtown Grande. There is some pan groups playing and today is a holiday! They are celebrating the 19 year old kid that won the javelin in the Olympics! Apparently it's only the second gold medal Trinidad has ever won. He will be passing here soon in a parade or something. He actually lives in my area so I'll have to go pay him a visit. 

So it's been nice having 4 elders in Grande. We went and talked with the Bishop about our game plan. He proceeded to tell us about all the mischievous members in the ward. He was very dramatic but apparently someone went as far as to climbing through the ceiling to break into the Bishops office. Haha. And he has caught people coming in during the week sneaking in the clerks office and trashing stuff. It's ridiculous. He says they do not want the ward to flourish. I have no clue why.

Elder Whitlock and I are getting along real well. It's cause were from Arizona. Our humor is the similar unlike some of the weird Utah kids. He said he has become a dull person because no one could understand his jokes. 

We have a lot of work to do with this ward and we are pretty much starting from scratch. But we have high hopes and we teach well together! 

Well I love you guys and have a great week! - Elder Hale

Finally! Here are some pics:

Kerwin and his fmaily

Sister Drew and her nephews. We go over there and learn to cook good stuff.

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