Monday, December 3, 2012


Carlos and fam

Hello friends we had a good week again. We found a cool Hindu guy named Ramdeo who is actually a Christian that doesn't know it. Haha. There is lots of those here. He is an alcoholic and we had a very good lesson with him where he ended up opening up to us. He really wants help and that is what I like in investigators. 

After we taught him we went down the road and a lady called out to us from her balcony and said "Hey I'm from Canada!" "It's so nice to see white people!" Haha. Her name is Acclima and she left Trinidad when she was 16 and married an Englishman. She said she was sitting there reading her Bible and she was just praying that something good would happen. She looked up and saw two white boys on bikes. haha. She has been going crazy because she is taking care of her Dad. Feeding him, washing him, and everything else. She also has a handicapped son named David who needed some company. We had a nice discussion with her I think there can be something that will come out of it before she goes back to Canada in January. 

Next week we are also have a sacrament meeting in our apartment for those who live in Penal. That way they don't have to travel all the way to Siparia. It should be interesting. Also we are singing for many more activities coming up!

I love you all have a wonderful week! 

Love, Elder Hale

This is my buddy Andrew Baptiste. But you say it like buh-teese(:

Rasta dog!

This is my little Hindu friend Anton at Divali.