Monday, November 12, 2012

Hindu Christmas

Hello friends! This week went pretty good. We had some good days where we had lots to do and other days we stuck to finding. We really only have one serious investigator named Mia. She is 16 and she has a great testimony. She has been taught everything. The problem is her Grandma (Who is a member) won't let her be baptized because she says she isn't ready. So we are running out of ideas with her quick.

At church this week the Branch President and 1st counselor didn't even show up. The second counselor came at 9:15! It was the Primary program too. It was really funny there were only 5 kids. There was one little kid that held a microphone in the middle of them when they sang. It was like the Jackson 5! Anyways so this Branch has a lot of fixing up to do. Especially the part where we don't get fed after church. Haha just kidding! So our focus this transfer is more member work then finding new investigators. Although there is plenty time for both.

I have been assigned to give a talk next week in sacrament on "Being Positive" I don't know if I have heard anyone give a talk on this but whatever! Well I am excited for Holli and her upcoming baby! And Happy Birthday to Dad! Tomorrow is the Divali (say it like Di-wall-ee) celebration so it's gonna be exciting here. It's like the Hindu Christmas! Love you guys have an awesome week!

Love, Elder Hale

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